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What are the advantages of a gas fireplace?

Gas fireplaces

Home Inspiration What are the advantages of a gas fireplace?

Convenience is the key. That totally applies to a gas fireplace. One push of the button and your fireplace is lit and with the same push of the button it goes out. Ideal if in between you have to go to the supermarket or if you come home late and you still want to enjoy dining near a cosy fireplace. Many gas fireplaces, also ours, can be operated using a mobile app. Very simple from your telephone or tablet. The biggest advantage of a gas fireplace is no doubt the ease of use. You don’t have to stoke a fire and the fireplace burns for as long and as intensive as you wish. And it is also extremely safe, because you never come in contact with the fire.

Cleaning the windows

The maintenance of a gas stove is relatively easy. Every year, have a certified expert carry out a comprehensive maintenance round. Then your only chore is to clean the windows occasionally.

Never short of fuel

Another advantage: the gas fireplace is connected to the gas-pipe system, so you’re always supplied with fuel. You don’t have to hassle with wood, as for a wood-burning stove, and you have no mess in front of your stove.

High yield

The modern fireplaces have high yield. That means practically no loss of heat. The heat produced by the stove is used for heating the room and is not lost to the outside through the chimney.

Different types of fire

The latest fireplaces have a realistic flame image that’s hardly distinguishable from a real wood fire. Moreover, with a gas fireplace you decide what kind of fire image you want. Interested in finding out which options are available with our gas fireplaces?We’ll be glad to tell you.

Are there also disadvantages?

The advantages are what it is all about. But we are honest and we want to mention a few disadvantages as well. First of all, you must have a gas pipe in your house. More and more new homes do not have a gas connection (and installing the gas piping is not cheap). In addition, a flue is necessary. That doesn’t necessarily need to be a chimney, because with a gas stove you can also construct a lead-through yourself through the roof or the outer façade. We can imagine that you will want to know more about this. Therefore, read our article about flues and the many possibilities.

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