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5 tips to maintain your gas fire

Gas fireplaces

Home Inspiration 5 tips to maintain your gas fire

What did the seller say about maintaining your gas fire? Blinded by the flames and enchanted by the heat, you may not have heard it correctly when purchasing your fireplace. He or she probably said that regular maintenance is important in order to be able to enjoy your fireplace as optimally and for as long as possible. But how do you maintain your gas fire? You can read that in these 5 tips.

1. A good maintenance engineer

If you maintain your fireplace at least once a year, you will prevent interruptions. Because you don’t want that just before Christmas or a winter Netflix evening. You can conclude a maintenance contract for this. A service technician then annually checks your gas fire from top to bottom. This engineer removes dust, keeps the pilot clean, cleans the windows, replaces the batteries and checks the thermocouple. This way your fireplace can certainly take another year.

2. Maintain it yourself

Of course you can also do something yourself to keep your fireplace clean. Such as cleaning the windows and replacing the batteries. It is important to do this regularly, because that way you extend the life of the receiver. Batteries can run out, which is not good for the receiver which makes contact with the remote control that you use to turn on the fire. Dust and flies in your fireplace can hardly be prevented. You can of course tackle this yourself with a vacuum cleaner, but it is even better to leave this to an experienced technician. The fitter knows exactly how to disassemble a gas fire so that you can easily reach everything.

3. Best time for maintenance

What is the best time to have your fireplace serviced? Well, the summer! This way you are well prepared for the winter and you can count on a properly functioning fire when it gets cold. In addition, engineers in gas fires are extremely busy in the winter, which means that it can take a little longer to make an appointment.

4. Pets and a fireplace

Do you have a cat or a dog? There is a good chance that the four-legged friend will nestle in front of the fireplace when it is switched on. A nice picture to look at naturally and also very pleasant for your buddy, but this also means that quite a few hairs end up in your fireplace. It is therefore good that these hairs are removed at least once a year. This does not apply to fireplaces with a closed combustion system; the gas fire is then protected against hair.

5. Keep the aeration channel and service flap free

Some fireplaces have an aeration channel. Keep this channel free so that the heat can dissipate well. Also make sure that cupboards or other objects do not block the service door of your gas fire when a service engineer comes to visit. This way, the fitter can easily reach your fireplace immediately.

Take out a subscription

Do you want to conclude a maintenance contract so that an expert comes to your gas fire once a year? You can do this through the dealer where you purchased your fire.

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