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Always plenty of atmosphere with Bellfires burners

Gas fireplaces

Home Inspiration Always plenty of atmosphere with Bellfires burners

The Bellfires fireplaces are equipped with double burners. This means that the fire can burn at two different capacities, without sacrificing atmosphere. The flames are just as beautiful and high in low-power mode. With the double power you are kept warm during cold, cold evenings and the single power is perfect for a spring or autumn evening. This means that you can enjoy your gas fire more evenings a year. The heating season is extended considerably.

Even in modern, well insulated homes, a double burner is ideal. These houses often require less heat. With the double burners of Bellfires, you can still enjoy a full fire, with less heat.

By pressing one button on the remote control, you can reduce the power by up to 40%. This reduces the amount of heat, making it ideal for less cold evenings. You also use less gas, which results in lower costs.

All our fireplaces, with the exception of the Unica, have a switchable burner, with which one of the burners can be switched off. In addition, the flame height of our fireplaces can be easily controlled with the remote control, either in the low-power mode or with both burners switched on.

We have five types of double burners:

Premium Fire

With the Premium Fire, the burners are placed in the logs, which gives a real ‘campfire feeling’. The burners are placed one after the other and one of these burners can be switched off on a spring or autumn evening. In addition, these burners are equipped with a lifelike glowing “ashbed” and there is even real ashes in the decoration set to finish the whole.


MagniFire Flow

In the MagniFire Flow, the burners are incorporated in logs, this provides a dynamic fire image. This varies in both height and depth. Because of the limited height of the type of fireplaces in which this burner is used, extra attention has been paid to the glowing ash bed. This burner is made glowing for extra experience. In the MagniFire Flow, the burners on the sides are turned off if you still want to enjoy the fire on the less cold evenings.



On the MagniFire, the burners are placed one after the other. This means that there is a lot of depth. Because the rear burner is slightly higher than the front burner, you can enjoy the beautiful 3D image that this brings with it. The rear burner can easily be switched off if you prefer to be less warm. This burner is also equipped with mood lighting under the burner bed, for maximum fire experience.


Line Fire

In the LineFire, the two burners are placed in lines one after the other, this provides depth and a full fire. In the low-power mode, only the front burner burns, this of course burns over the entire width of the fire. Especially in the case of wide horizontal fireplaces this is ideal, less heat but still flames over the entire width of the fire. You don’t have to sacrifice your atmosphere at all.


Centre Fire

The Centre Fire has placed two burners next to each other. You can switch off the side of the burner of the Centre Fire so that you have less heat if you wish. The fire then stays nicely in the middle, ideal for smaller compact fireplaces.


Do you want to see with your own eyes what the different burners look like? Then visit the showroom of one of our dealers!

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