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Wood heaters

Home Wood heaters

A long winter evening or a romantic film evening with dancing flames and the crackling sound of fire in the background. Many people consider this the epitome of cosiness and ambiance. Mankind has kept warm by a fire for ages but nowadays, it is more often about the atmosphere created by a fire. Barbas was founded in 1976 and it is the brand for wood-burning fireplaces. We are committed to sustainability and ecological responsibility. Our R&D department works non-stop on research into improving our products. The result is the ideal combustion chamber that lets the wood burn as efficiently as possible. No loss of heat and no hazardous particulates that flutter to the outside with the smoke.

Different types of wood heaters

Wood heaters come in all types and sizes. Are you looking for a built-in wood heater that blends into the wall or do you prefer a robust freestanding wood heater with a visible pipe? We have heaters suited for everyone. You can also choose from various different views of the fire. Some people want a fire that can be viewed from as many sides as possible, while others are happy with only a front view. We will be pleased to think with you about the best option. Do check in advance what is possible in your residence. Is there a flue pipe available or a chimney? Do you have a small or large area? These factors will determine what sort of wood heater is best for your residence.

How do you actually stoke the wood?

Stoking a fire is serious business and you certainly should study this topic before beginning. Proper preparation is half the work in stoking a fire: make sure your heater has the correct output, do not light a fire when there is no wind or the weather is misty and use only dry wood. Never use painted or impregnated wood. When stoking, always ensure sufficient supply of air and never shut the air inlet flap close.

Taking care of your wood heater

If you want to enjoy your wood burner for a long time, then clean it regularly so that it functions well. Regularly remove the ashes and clean the glasswork. In addition, annual maintenance is extremely important. Have the chimney swept at least once a year. Make sure you use well-dried wood with moisture content between 15% and 18%. The best types of wood to use for your wood heater are oak, birch, alder, ash and beech.

Save on heating costs and fuel

With a wood heater at home, you save on your heating costs. When you switch on the central heating system, usually several rooms in the house get heated, even when it is not really necessary. A wood heater heats only the room where it is located. This saves on heating costs. Furthermore, today’s wood heaters have high output and the cost of buying wood is low.

What about the environment?

In the past, wood heaters were not considered very environment friendly. However, the norms and regulations regarding wood heaters are becoming increasingly stricter and the output is constantly increasing. The way you light a fire also has great impact on the environment friendliness of a heater.

Urgent questions?

Are you still unsure about what type of burner you want? Do the test! Do you have questions about wood heaters or heaters in general? Our professional staff is ready to help you. Contact us immediately and we will be pleased to help you.

Barbas Bellfires: crafted to wonder

  • 40 years of experience in design and production
  • Always produced in our own factory
  • 10-year warranty on the body of the fireplaces and heaters