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Gas fireplaces combine ambience with convenience | Barbas Bellfires

Gas fireplaces

Convenience above all: that characterises our gas fireplaces. Not only because you switch them on or off with one push of a button (and in some cases by using an app), but also because you always have a steady supply of fuel. Still hesitant about a gas fireplace because you’re afraid you will miss the ambiance of a wood fireplace? No worries! Nowadays the fire image of a gas fireplace is nearly indistinguishable from a real wood fire. Certainly if you opt for a Bellfires gas fireplace. For years, we are the market leader in gas fireplaces. In addition, our fireplaces are fully designed in our own factory and customised to your wishes from A to Z.

The advantages of a gas fireplace

When you use a gas fireplace, you are always sure of the supply of fuel. Furthermore, a gas fireplace has a high output and you have a great say in the outer look of your fireplace. From modern to robust: there is fireplace suitable for everyone. You can also choose the view of the fire that you like the best. And, if you feel like enjoying a fire, then with snapping your finger, the gas fireplace switches on or off.

Different types of gas fireplaces customised to your wishes

When you search for a gas fireplace, the options are endless. Do you prefer a built-in gas fireplace that’s recessed subtly into the wall or is a freestanding gas fireplace  what you are really looking for? The view of the fire also has a strong influence on the look of your fireplace. With a 3-sided fireplace, a tunnel fireplace or a 2-sided one, you have a greater view of the fire while with a front fireplace you see the dancing flames only at the front side. This is not all: you also decide yourself what kind of fire you will have. With a double burner, you set your gas fireplace on double output during cold and inclement weather conditions and on half output on a pleasant spring evening. As you can see, the perfect match for your interior design and taste is also available.

Safety and high output are the priorities

No matter which gas fireplace you choose, it is always safe. You actually never come in contact with fire. And by using top quality materials, our gas fireplaces have a long lifespan. Furthermore, thanks to the high output, there is hardly any loss of heat. The heat produced by the fireplace is used to heat the room instead of being unused and going to waste.

An open or a closed system

Planning to select a gas fireplace with open or closed combustion? Fireplaces with a closed combustion system are supplied with oxygen from an outside pipe, thus from outdoors. The flue gases are subsequently extracted via an indoor pipe, so you do not need a chimney. Gas fireplaces with an open combustion system take the oxygen from the room in which the fireplace is located, thus they have an open connection to your room. The flue gases are extracted to the outside via a separate flue. Since the diameter of the extraction flue is only 10 centimetres, a fireplace with an open system can be installed without significant renovation.

Maintenance of a gas fireplace

We advise you to invite a maintenance technician once per year, preferably in the summer. That will prevent intermediate disturbances. What should you do yourself for the maintenance of your fireplace? As the owner, you should not get your hands dirty very often. However, it is a good idea to regularly replace the batteries and to clean the windows when necessary. Do you have an aerated channel? Make sure that it is always free of obstacles so that the heat can escape.

Urgent questions?

Are you still unsure about what type of fireplace you want? Do the test! Do you have questions about gas fireplaces? Our professional staff is ready to help you. Contact us immediately and we will be pleased to help you.

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