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Wood fireplaces combine technique with design | Barbas Bellfires

Barbas wood fireplaces

Fire has a certain kind of magic. For decades, people have been warming themselves by the fireplace, gazing at the dancing flames and daydreaming by the crackling fire. A wood fireplace creates the experience of a campfire in your living room. And, wood fireplaces are also economical; wood is relatively inexpensive, available at nearly every construction market and easy to order online.

You own home, wood and fireplace

The conditions for installing a wood fireplace in your home are very manageable: you need only a chimney or another type of vertical channel in your house. However, burning wood is serious business. Learning to make the perfect fire may require some practice. In one of our wood burning courses, our specialists will teach you the ropes. Whether your fireplace is intended for heating or purely for creating ambience, we will help you achieve the best burning technique.

Various types of modern wood fireplaces

In our collection, you will find 2 different types of wood fireplaces: built-in and freestanding. We have the right match for every interior design. Regardless of which type of wood fireplace you choose, thanks to the use of high-quality materials, our wood fireplaces last a lifetime.

This is how you maintain a wood fireplace

The best thing is to regularly clean a wood fireplace so that it continues to work perfectly. Also make sure to use properly dried wood. The humidity level should be between 15% and 18%. The best types of wood to use in a wood fireplace are oak, birch, alder, ash and beech.

Burning questions?

Do you have a burning question? Our specialists are always at your service. Contact us immediately, we are happy to help you.

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