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Gas heaters

Home Gas heaters

No fuss and always guaranteed heat: that’s what gas heaters are all about. Instead of collecting wood and being busy tending the fire, you operate a gas heater easily with a remote control. In a jiffy the fire burns at your desired intensity and you switch it off just as swiftly. As simple as that! When you opt for Bellfires, you opt for convenience, ambiance and comfort. For years, we are the absolute market leader in gas fireplaces. In addition, our gas fireplaces are fully designed in our own factory and customised to your wishes from A to Z.

The advantages of a gas heater

Is utmost convenience an absolute must in choosing your heater? Then a gas heater is exactly what you’re looking for. While with a wood heater you always have to take care of getting wood, with a gas heater, you’re always supplied with fuel. The heater is connected to a gas pipe so you’re never without fuel. Furthermore, gas heaters have high output. This means hardly any loss of heat. The display of flames is plain to see; it is more realistic than ever – hardly distinguishable from a real fire. Choose from the different types of fires and create the optimal experience.

An open or a closed system?

No oxygen means no fire. But from where do you supply the oxygen? A heater with an open system gets its oxygen from the same room. If you opt for a closed system, then the oxygen usually comes from outside. That’s good to know, but what is the better choice? In an open system, you have an open fire in the room and you don’t necessarily need a glass window. That’s because the oxygen is supplied from the room. That way you look straight at the fire. This is not possible in a closed system, which is more efficient and environment friendlier.

Built-in or freestanding gas heater?

Some people like a sturdy freestanding heater with a visible pipe while others prefer a sleek built-in gas heater that blends into the wall. We can offer you many different types of gas heaters. Furthermore, you can also influence the view of the fire. If you want to have a tremendous view of the fire, then a tunnel fireplace or a 3-sided fireplace is absolutely what you’re looking for. Perhaps you think that a fire visible only from the front side is nicer. Everything is possible with the heaters of Barbas Bellfires: a suitable heater for every interior.

What about the environment?

Gas-free housing is on the rise in the Netherlands. Very often, newly built residences no longer have a gas connection. How will this affect the future of gas heaters? At Barbas Bellfires, we’re always responding to new developments and therefore we are preparing for this transition – namely with propane gas, one of the cleanest fuels with regard to CO2 emission. Our gas heaters burn on propane and can be installed in any residence.

Maintenance of a gas heater

Even if the heater still looks fine, you should not skip an annual maintenance. If you don’t do this, you might face big problems. The annual maintenance is the most important part of maintenance. The biggest enemy of a gas heater is dust. If the area around the pilot flame is dusty, then the pilot flame will burn less efficiently – certainly if you don’t use the heater often. A tip: let the pilot flame burn also in the summer. If you don’t do this, your heater will get dirtier faster and switching it on will become more and more difficult.

Urgent questions?

Are you still unsure about what type of fireplace you want? Do the test! Do you have questions about gas heaters or heaters in general? Our professional staff is ready to help you. Contact) us immediately and we will be pleased to help you.

Barbas Bellfires: crafted to wonder

  • 40 years of experience in design and production
  • Always produced in our own factory
  • 10-year warranty on the body of the fireplaces and heaters