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Gas heaters

Home Gas heaters

The convenience of a gas fireplace

No fuss, guaranteed heat and always a view of the beautiful flames. A gas fireplace is extremely user-friendly. One push of the button and that’s it: your fireplace is burning at the intensity that you set. And if you suddenly have leave, you switch off the fireplace using the same button.

To don’t have to think about anything
With a gas fireplace, you’ve got nothing to worry about. Wood? Not necessary. The fireplace is connected to a gas pipe, always guaranteeing the supply of fuel. Do you know how to burn a fire? Also irrelevant. Because all you need is a remote control – or a mobile phone app – for switching on your fireplace, regulating it and switching it off. The latest fireplaces have high output, which means hardly any loss of heat. The display of flames is more realistic than ever – hardly distinguishable from a real fire – and you can choose from various types of fires.

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