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The team

Barbas Bellfires

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Barbas Bellfires Team

Daily 160 enthusiastic colleagues collaborate to develop, produce and sell the most beautiful fireplaces with passion. A loyal club of professionals who are devoted to be of service to you. Not only in the Netherlands and Belgium, but also with an own sales and service office in France and in Great Britain.

The developers

Every new fireplace starts with a number of sketches, brought to life by the colleagues of Research & Development. A team of nine specialists develop, improve and test our products in the own laboratory, on a daily basis. Not until every test has been concluded successfully, they are ready for sale. Only the very best is good enough.

The engineers

From 120 basic models in more than 17.000 combinations the fireplaces are build according to the requirements and wishes of the customer. Our products aren´t manufactured automatically, but  by hand. Every fireplaces is therefore a personal masterpiece of the engineer. This takes a lot of knowledge of the engineers because all fireplaces are assembled in disorder and in order of delivery.