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Which types of fires and burners are available with a gas fireplace?

Gas fireplaces

Home Inspiration Which types of fires and burners are available with a gas fireplace?

The fire image from a gas fireplace – in other words: what the fire looks like – is nearly indistinguishable from real fire wood. It does however have a number of advantages compared to a wood fire. With a gas fireplace you can choose which fire best suits your taste or the ambience of the moment. The fireplaces of Bellfires have double burners, ambience lighting and various options for burning the fire.

The double burner

The double burner has two different options for the output of the fire. You use the double output when the evening is wintry, cold or wet or half-output during a pleasant autumn evening. That gives you a longer season for enjoying your gas fireplace.

If you switch off one of the burners, your output is reduced by 40%. Considerably less heat and also more economical, because you consume less gas. This does not take away from the atmosphere; the flames are just as high and beautiful in this power-saving mode. Interested in seeing what it looks like? View the animation film of our double burner.

Ambient lighting

Ambient lighting can be installed under the burners of our Bellfires fireplaces to provide an extra glowing effect. The intensity of the light can be regulated. By simply pressing on the remote control, you determine how strongly or softly your smouldering fire burns – after all it looks like a real wood fire. With the special decoration set consisting of coals, decorative glass and ash, it is nearly indistinguishable from the real McCoy: the ease of a gas fire, the looks of a smothered camp fire, etc.

The double burners of Bellfires

We have four types of double burners:

– MagniFire

The MagniFire is built stepwise and creates a 3D fire image. This burner is standard delivered with ambience lighting.

MagniFire (natural gas)
MagniFire (propane)
  • Premium Fire

    More than ever before, the fire in the Premium Fire looks a real wood fire. Why? Because the burners are built into the logs and therefore, the fire looks as if it comes out of a real log.

Premium Fire (natural gas)
Premium Fire (propane)
  • Line Fire

    If both burners in the Line Fire are on – front and back – the flame image obtains extra depth. In the power-saving mode, only the front burner burns, though it does so over the full width of the fireplace.

Line Fire (natural gas)
Line Fire (propane)
  • Centre Fire

    In the Centre Fire, the fire image can be adjusted in width. With both burners on, the gas fire burns over the full width of the fireplace, and with optimal heat output. In the power-saving mode, the fire image is centred in the middle of the fireplace.

Centre Fire (natural gas)
Centre Fire (propane)
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