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Why is the Smart Bell Panorama gas fireplace a smart choice?

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Home Inspiration Why is the Smart Bell Panorama gas fireplace a smart choice?

The Smart Bell Panorama is one of our top fireplaces. And we have every reason to call it smart. What makes this gas fireplace so smart? We will be pleased to explain.

A wealth of possibilities

Smart of course means clever. The three-sided Smart Bell Panorama is therefore a clever choice, because – among other reasons –the appliance is shallower than the usual fireplaces and therefore has more setting-up possibilities. It is ideal for compact areas!

Low maximum output

Another smart application is that – due to its low maximum output – this fireplace regulates the heat so that your house does not become too warm too quickly. This is perfect for newly-built houses that are well insulated. Thanks to the double burners in the fireplace, it is possible to lower the output even further. This lets you enjoy impressively high flames, but with a fire that has a low heat output.

Smart design

The design is smart as well. What makes this gas fireplace attractive is the choice of frontal or corner installation. If you opt for a corner installation, it radiates just that little extra to the surroundings. In the sleek design, the steel of the frame looks as if it is cleaved through the glass. And there are additional options that always make it possible to match the fireplace with your interior decor.


This fireplace is operated with a remote control, just like all our gas fireplaces. Optionally, the fireplace can also be operated via a WiFi module in an app on your smartphone or tablet.

When installing the fireplace, you do not have to worry about a hatch. The simple door closure makes it easy to clean the windows of the fireplace. Many fireplaces have a built-in hatch that conceals the technology. The Smart Bell Panorama doesn’t have that, because the technology is placed at the inside.

Choose your own style

The rear wall of the fireplace creates a strong contrast to the three glass walls and in addition, it can be adapted to your individual taste. You can opt for a cool industrial look or a stylish glass wall.

Good to know: this fireplace burns just as nicely on propane gas or natural gas. So even if you don’t have a gas connection in your home, the Smart Bell Panorama is a smart choice!

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