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Which types of materials are used for gas fireplaces?

Gas fireplaces

Home Inspiration Which types of materials are used for gas fireplaces?

Our gas fireplaces last a lifetime for many reasons, including our use of top-quality materials.

The external side

The external side of a gas fireplace is made from thick-walled metal sheeting. In the factory, a heat-resistant varnish layer is applied to the metal. To achieve this, we use a spray booth, which we have developed ourselves, where the varnish is applied and hardens under controlled conditions.

The combustion chamber

Every Bellfires fireplace has a combustion chamber made from thick-walled, heat-resistant steel. It looks beautiful, but it is especially suitable due to its long lifespan. For the gas burners we use only the best materials: durable stainless steel. In addition, the combustion chamber consists of ceramic materials with perfect insulation features.

Convection casing

A convection casing can be installed in nearly every type of Bellfires gas fire. The cold air is sucked into the space between the inner and outer casing of the fireplace. Above the convection casing, the heated air is subsequently spread very evenly throughout the room. This also allows you to direct the heat to a particular area. That makes you feel more comfortable. The convection casing is concealed in the chimney breast and therefore indiscernible.

The design grid

Next is the design grid for the fireplace. You can choose a grid that nearly disappears in the housing or rather a model that catches the eye. Obviously, we have also thought a lot about the technology, not just the looks. Because ventilation is very vital in stoves, we have developed a grid that is suitable for both chimney breast ventilation and convection air. These grids spread the heat and ensure good ventilation of the chimney breast.

A complete grid consists of two parts. The aeration tray is built in when the fireplace is installed. Afterwards the insert – that’s what we call the grid that comes in front of it – is easy to place. The grids are available in two sizes (160 and 320 mm wide) and in three colours (white, graphite black and grey).

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