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How do I maintain my gas fireplace?

Gas fireplaces

Home Inspiration How do I maintain my gas fireplace?

Every gas fireplace requires highly professional techniques. If you want to continue enjoying your fireplace for a long time, then good maintenance is essential. This is also important in other respects: the fireplace after all is connected to a gas pipe.

Annual maintenance

The average fireplace needs maintenance once per year. A service technician checks the entire fireplace. Everything is cleaned, where necessary screws, bolts and couplings are tightened well and the condition of the materials is checked. Is there a component that needs to be replaced? The technician will see to it.

Make a start

You also have a role in the long-term maintenance of your fireplace. Here are four tips from our service technician Rob Broekmans.

1. Clean the windows

“It is wise to clean the panes/windows of the fireplace several times per year. Both on the inside and the outside. Check the user manual of your fireplace for the recommended products. It is very important that you don’t leave any residues from the cleaning agent on the window, because these can burn into the glass once your relight the fireplace. Therefore, my advice is to go over the glass once again with a moist cloth.”

2. Change the batteries

“Another chore that you can easily do yourself: annually replacing the batteries of the remote control and the reception box. This should be four AA batteries (not the rechargeable ones). During the annual maintenance by Barbas Bellfires, the batteries are standard replaced by the maintenance technician. Batteries can leak if they are used too long. The leaking battering fluids can harm the electronics.” Rob does advise to handle the reception box delicately when changing batteries. “There are wires attached to it, which you must not detach.” In this video, Rob shows you how to do it.

3. Keeping the aeration grid free

“Some fireplaces have an aeration duct, usually attached to the chimney breast. Unfortunately, I sometimes come across homes where a cupboard, for example, stands in front of it. Do not do this! The grid is not there for nothing; it is important for the heat to escape.”

4. Keep the service hatch accessible

“Another problem that we sometimes encounter: built-in cupboards that obstruct the service hatch. Sometimes there is no way for us to reach it. So that means we cannot provide an optimal maintenance service.” Rob advises to always keep the service hatch/control block free and easy to access.

You can buy a maintenance subscription at you own dealer.

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