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Home Inspiration I want to buy a gas fireplace. What should I do?

Before you buy a gas fireplace, make a list of a number of important points. What kind of possibilities do you have in your home? Do you want to use the fireplace as a source of heat or mainly for creating ambience? If the latter is the case, then you need less yield. What is the yield of a fireplace? And what output will you need? In short: many questions. We will help you find the answers.

The yield of your gas fireplace

You buy a fireplace to keep yourself warm. When you light a gas stove or fireplace, the heat radiates through the walls and window of the appliance to the space in which it is located.  Heat loss means that part of the heat is lost to the outside via the chimney or the flue. The yield of the fireplace indicates how much (or better said: how little) heat is lost in this manner. The less heat loss, the higher the yield. Modern fireplaces and stoves have high yield. Our gas fireplaces achieve a yield of 85%. Nearly no loss of heat.

Calculate the output

How much output your stove or fireplace will need depends on the space that needs to be heated. Simply said: the large the space (m³), the more output (kW) is necessary. Take into account for example an open kitchen or an open staircase: these factors will cause a loss in heat. In that case, it is wise to somewhat increase the calculated output.

The necessary output is easy to calculate by yourself. First calculate the number of cubic metres of the room. Do that by measuring the length, width and height of your room and multiplying them by each other. On the intersection of the line in the graph, you can read the required output. The line that you select depends on the extent to which your residence is insulated:

  • Line A: you have a well-insulated residence with double-glazing, wall insulation and floor insulation.
  • Line B: you have a reasonably insulated residence, in any case with double-glazing.
  • Line C: you have a poorly insulated residence. You have none of the abovementioned insulation.
Choose the type of gas fireplace

At Barbas Bellfires you can choose two types of gas fireplaces: built-in and freestanding.

  • A built-in gas fireplace is built into a wall or installed in an existing open fireplace, which you easily modernize with an open or closed insert fireplace. Many of our insert fireplaces have a built-in depth of only 35 cm and therefore fit in nearly any situation.
  • A freestanding gas fireplace is not only a showpiece in the room, but can also be easily replaced, if you ever want to switch to another model.

In addition, you can choose from various types of fires and burners. Curious about the choices? We have made a list for you.

Want to be sure that you made the right choices? Or would you like to discuss this or pose questions to an expert? Then consult with a professional. Barbas Bellfires has an extensive network of professional dealers. No matter where you live, there is always a dealer nearby.

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