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What is the average consumption of a gas fireplace?

Gas fireplaces

Home Inspiration What is the average consumption of a gas fireplace?

It is difficult to indicate the average consumption and related costs. Perhaps you use the stove daily while your neighbour lights it once per month. Thus, the consumption and costs of a gas fireplace depend entirely on the situation.

Example of consumption per hour

Obviously, we can help you with some examples. For an average-sized living room in a well-insulated house, an appliance with output of 3 to 4 kW is sufficient. At full output, such a fireplace consumes around 0.5 cubic metres of gas per hour. The heated space reaches a good temperature rather fast and the fire intensity can be reduced. Your central heating system has less work to do; that way your gas fireplace compensates for the gas consumption. Modern gas fireplaces have an energy label, just like nearly all appliances. At a glance you can see what is the output and the yield of the stove or fireplace. Make sure that the stove you select does not have too little or too much yield. Elsewhere on our website, you can read how to calculate this.

Price of gas

How much does it cost to use a gas fireplace? The price of a cubic metre of gas is €0.63 (price level 2018). If you burn a 3 kW fireplace for four hours at full output, it will cost you only €1.26. Ultimately, the price drops even lower, because you don’t need to turn on your central heating. That translates to a nice saving.

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