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How sustainable are the fireplaces and stoves of Barbas Bellfires?


Home Inspiration How sustainable are the fireplaces and stoves of Barbas Bellfires?

You attach importance to sustainability. Also when you purchase a stove or fireplace. You want a product produced in an environment-friendly manner, which is used sustainably and lasts long. Sustainable in three ways.

We get queried more and more often about the origin of our products and about our work methods. We welcome this critical attitude towards sustainable development and manufacture with great enthusiasm. You can rest assured: we deal very consciously with the entire production chain.

No waste

Lean work – or prevention of waste – is anchored in our production process. We work according to the Quick Response Manufacturing (QRM) method. This means that we start working on a fireplace only after receiving the order. We have no fireplaces in stock. The entire process from the preliminary work to assembly runs very efficiently and takes only six hours. That way we avoid waste in time, energy and materials.

Minimum impact to the environment

Everything in Bladel is under one roof, both office and production. Our employees live in this region and we try to reduce unnecessary transport kilometres, on all fronts. You might think that producing in our country is more expensive than in low-wage countries, for example, but we have always succeeded in delivery top quality at competitive prices. Our environment-friendly paint shop is also a splendid example of production with minimum burden on the environment.

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