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How do I maintain my wood-burning fireplace?

Wood fireplaces

Home Inspiration How do I maintain my wood-burning fireplace?

Routine cleaning of your wood-burning fireplace is necessary. After all, you want the fireplace to do its work perfectly. If you follow the steps below every year, your fireplace will stay in optimal condition.

  1. Have the chimney swept at least once per year by a certified professional. This prevents problems; in worst case scenario, a chimney fire.
  2. Brush the fireplace. Clean your stove thoroughly using a soft brush to brush all the cold ash and soot out of the combustion chamber. After that, go over with a hand brush and dustpan; never use a vacuum cleaner for this purpose.
  3. Clean the combustion chamber by wiping the walls with a sponge. Never use water; that can create rust. Chemical agents are absolutely forbidden.
  4. Clean the windows. We have made a list with a number of tips for you.
  5. Check the sealing. You do this by lighting the fire and setting the air supply to the lowest position. Do the flames continue to burn? Then air is entering via cracks. You can also check the sealing by placing an A4 sheet between the door and the stove. If the sheet of paper remains in place, then the sealing is good.
  6. Grease the hinges of the doors. If you do this annually, the doors will open and close properly.
Warranty and service

Have you observed any shortcomings in your Barbas fireplace? A breakdown or a fault is serviced swiftly by your dealer.

Our fireplaces and stoves undergo a great number of checks before they leave the factory in Bladel. We provide a 10-year warranty on the body of the appliance and on the separate parts of it, a one-year warranty. On consumer parts, such as glass (cord) and cast iron, you get a warranty until the initial stoking. If a particular model is no longer available after a number of years, then we make sure that the most important parts do remain in stock for at least ten years or we have replacement products. In any case, we can always maintain your fireplace and repair it, if necessary.

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