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How do I keep the windows of my wood-burning fireplace clean?

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Home Inspiration How do I keep the windows of my wood-burning fireplace clean?

When the fireplace is burning, you might get soot deposit on the window. Not too much – thanks to the modern fireplaces, which are very clean – but if this occurs, then below are a few cleaning tips. It is advisable to clean the window after every time you stoke a fire. What is the best way to do this?

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Sometimes it is helpful to stoke the fire well, so that the soot particles are burnt off. The user manual of your fireplace will tell you the best way to clean the windows of your fireplace. Read the manual carefully, because the method for cleaning depends for example on the type of glass that you have. Is the window damaged or broken? Have it replaced before using the fireplace again.

This is the way you clean most windows in wood-burning fireplaces:

  1. Check whether the appliance has cooled down and there are no glowing embers left in the combustion chamber.
  2. Clean the window with a moist cloth, sponge or paper. Use a glass-cleaning agent or a ceramic hotplate cleaner.
  3. Make sure that the window is dry and there is no residue of the cleaning agent on the window. Residues could burn into the glass later. Therefore, go over the glass once again with a moist cloth.

Using good wood prevents extra soot deposit. Furthermore, ensure good combustion and keep the flue clean by engaging a chimney sweep every year.

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