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How do I determine the necessary output of my new stove or fireplace?


Home Inspiration How do I determine the necessary output of my new stove or fireplace?

The output of a fireplace or stove is expressed in kilowatt (kW). To put it simply: the larger the room (in cubic metres), the more output (kilowatt) the fireplace or stove needs. When you are purchasing a fireplace, first determine its function. Will the fireplace serve as a primary source for heating the room? Or for additional heat? Or perhaps only for creating a warm atmosphere. If you’re only interested in creating ambience in the room, then a stove or fireplace with a low output of 4 kW is sufficient. For supplementing the heating, you will need greater output and the highest output is of course necessary if the fireplace will function as a primary heating source. In addition, the insulation of your residence also plays a role. A modern, well-insulated residence needs less heat than an older poorly insulated house. So select the stove or fireplace that best meets your situation and wishes.

The fireplace as a primary source of heat

If you will be using the fireplace as a primary source of heat, you can calculate yourself the necessary output quite accurately. Also take into account, for example, an open kitchen or an open staircase: these factors will cause a loss in heat, so you will have to increase the calculated output.

Calculating the required output

Calculate the number of cubic metres by measuring the length, width and height of your room and multiplying them by each other. On the intersection of the line in the graph, you can read the required output. The line that you read depends on the extent to which your residence is insulated:

  • Line A: you have a well-insulated residence with double-glazing, wall insulation and floor insulation.
  • Line B: you have a reasonably insulated residence, in any case with double-glazing.
  • Line C: you have a poorly insulated residence. You have none of the abovementioned insulation.

Do you want to be sure that you have selected the correct output? Consult a professional, who will give you the correct advice. Here you will  find the dealer closest to you.

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