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Choosing a wood or gas fireplace


Home Inspiration Choosing a wood or gas fireplace

You have made a decision: there will be a fireplace in your house. Now you just have to choose between wood or gas. The differences between a gas and wood fireplace are immense. With a wood-burning fireplace you have extra work: you need well-dried wood, you have to light the fire yourself and to keep it burning. A gas fireplace is practical and easy to use. You press the button on the remote control and the fire is lit.

The advantages of gas

75% of fireplace fans in the Netherlands opt for a gas fireplace. Why? Because in terms of looks, the modern gas fireplaces are hardly distinguishable from real wood-burning stoves, yet far easier to use. The fire lights with a push of a button. At your desired intensity. And when you go to sleep, with a push on the same button, the fire is extinguished immediately. Ideal for you and your hectic family life. In the evening you have precious little time, yet you still want sit a couple of hours by your cosy fireplace. Or perhaps you do have the time but you simply want an easy solution. Our Bellfires gas fireplaces can be equipped with special mood lighting that makes your fireplace look like an extinguishing wood fire. The only aspect that you still need to fantasize is the scent and sound of crackling wood.

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The advantages of wood

A wood-burning fireplace is mostly about the experience. Getting the wood yourself, stacking the logs, lighting the fire and keeping it going. It’s all part of experiencing it. But after a long day at work, lighting the wood-burning fireplace for one hour? You don’t do that so quickly. It takes time to get a good fire going. And therefore, you have to be able to enjoy it very much. Moreover, a wood-burning fireplace demands patience: you play with the air supply, with the quantity of wood, as long as it takes to achieve the perfect fire. You can buy ready-to-use logs, but the real firewood fanatic will chop and cleave the wood himself and let it dry for two years.

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We make it easy for you. There is always a dealer in your area if you have additional questions. There you can also view a selection of our product range. The dealer will explain with passion and knowledge the options in gas and wood fireplaces.

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