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What are the advantages of a wood-burning fireplace?

Wood fireplaces

Home Inspiration What are the advantages of a wood-burning fireplace?

Do you have a moment? Because a wood-burning fireplace will no doubt become the favourite feature of your house. Just imagine: long winter evenings by the fire. Cosy meals with the background of crackling firewood. Or watching an exciting movie close to the heat of your fireplace. And we haven’t even spoken about the financial aspect. Wood is relatively cheap and easy to obtain. You can buy good firewood at nearly every home-improvement store and there are many possibilities to order firewood online and have it delivered.

Dancing flames

A wood-burning stove spreads slightly more intensive heat than a gas fireplace. The temperature remains relatively stable in a gas fireplace while it can vary quite a lot in a wood-burning one. When you add logs to the fire, the flames flare up and the temperature rises. As the fire winds down, you notice that it gets cooler. So you crawl closer to the fireplace. But what tops it all? The dancing flames. A gas fireplace has a steady display of flames; with firewood, the fire goes to all directions. And that is precisely what many people enjoy. A sense of having a campfire right in your own living room.

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