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Why does Barbas Bellfires work with dealers?


Home Inspiration Why does Barbas Bellfires work with dealers?

Because we want our stoves and fireplaces to be easily available everywhere. That’s why we have worked hard on developing a large and professional network of dealers. Specialists who know everything about building-in, placing and installing fireplaces and stoves, about output and air control, safety and combustions processes, oxygen supply and flue gas discharge. The dealer is your contact person and ‘handbook’, your expert and personal advisor. In many cases, the dealer will visit your home to give you tailored advice. Which fireplace best suits your room and where is the best place to install it. After installation, the dealers provide service and maintenance.

Barbas Bellfires international

The Netherlands and Belgium are not the only countries where you can buy our fireplaces. Our gas stoves and wood-burning fireplaces are available worldwide. Wherever you live – in Ontario, Paris or Cape Town – there is always a dealer or Point of Sale in your area.

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