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What is anti-reflective glass?


Home Inspiration What is anti-reflective glass?

All Bellfires fireplaces are standard equipped with polished glass. This is heat-resistant glass, which is polished numerous times in order to provide a maximum view of the fire. Furthermore, it is possible to choose an Anti Reflective Glass (also known as AR-glass) for the models from the Original Bell series.

This type of glass is polished and treated with a unique coating layer. This coating is applied in several thin layers on both sides of the glass. The coating ensures that the reflective index of the glass is highly reduced. This does not mean that we no longer see any reflection, but it is highly reduced in comparison to polished glass. It gives you the impression that the glass in the fireplace is invisible. It offers the best possible experience of a fire, certainly in the case of fireplaces with a frontal view.

Because AR-glass is provided with a special coating, one has to take into account additional maintenance of the fireplace window. It will have to be cleaned more often than standard polished glass. Furthermore, you would have to be extra careful with using cleaning agents. For the precise description of the cleaning process, you will find the right documentation here.

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