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What distinguishes Barbas Bellfires from other fireplace manufacturers?


Home Inspiration What distinguishes Barbas Bellfires from other fireplace manufacturers?

You are looking for a reliable and good supplier. Because your investment in a gas or wood fireplace must be truly worthwhile. In terms of ambience, but of course also in terms of quality and service. What makes Barbas Bellfires the right choice? We are pleased to tell you more about our company and our brands.

Our company

Dutch-manufactured fireplaces

Barbas Bellfires is a combination of two brands: Barbas and Bellfires. Brands with established reputations, which have merged into one company in 2003. Our fireplaces and stoves are technically very reliable. Everything in Barbas Bellfires is 100% Dutch. Manufactured in-house in our factory in Bladel.

Passion for craftsmanship

We produce modern and innovative gas and wood fireplaces that are meaningful for you and for your interior. We have been doing this since 1928 and our passion for craftsmanship has never changed. Our love for fireplaces and stoves has remained constant. That’s why we work diligently on the quality of our fireplaces and make sure that they are safe and operate without any problems. And the way you experience the fire is perfect and always improves.

Furthermore, we are proud of our after-service and the professional help in maintaining your fireplace. Sustainability is not only about the work and the product, but also about our relationship with our customers. And that’s you.

Every fireplace is custom-made

We manufacture your fireplace completely tailor-made. We will build it exactly the way you want it. With a sense for style: timeless or modern. We have no fireplaces in stock and – perhaps this sounds contradictory – that is precisely the reason that we can maintain short delivery times. When we implement an improvement in our product(s), we don’t need to first use up our old stock (or to throw away good material); we offer the new solution immediately. You can choose from a wide selection of basic models that enable us to create countless combinations. We can adapt every model in terms of shape or size, of course within the approved boundaries. So no matter how large, small, high or unique is the space in your home or office, a Barbas-Bellfires fireplace always fits in.

Our brands


Barbas stands for durable and ecological reliability. Established in 1976, it is the brand for wood-burning fireplaces. All fireplaces are designed by us. We have our own R&D department where we carry out non-stop research into improvements. By now, our fireplaces are equipped with ideal combustion chambers in order to burn the wood as efficiently as possible. No loss of heat and no harmful particulates that flutter to the outside with the smoke. Our products are made with top-quality and stylish materials, such as concrete, steel and ceramic.


Bellfires is ease, ambience and comfort. Established in 1928; already for years the absolute market leader in gas fireplaces. The gas fireplaces are completely developed in-house and are tailor-made from A to Z to the wishes of our customers. Moreover, our focus is on design and safety. Safety is safeguarded comprehensively in the development process. The many finishing options result in the distinctive Bellfires design: stylish and in line with your lifestyle to the finest details. Our gas fireplaces create the ambience of an open fireplace, but with the ease of a gas fireplace: the fireplace is very easy to operate using a remote control. Moreover, the fire image of our gas fireplaces is so stunning that it’ is hardly distinguishable from a real wood fire. That is not only our opinion, but feedback that we get from consumers who already installed our fireplaces. They boast about the fire image because of the colour and the serenity in the play of flames. And we are proud of this.

Want to have a peek into our factory? You can do that simply from your easy chair.

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