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The neighbours are complaining about the odour nuisance. What can I do?


Home Inspiration The neighbours are complaining about the odour nuisance. What can I do?

You are absolutely delighted with your wood-burning fireplace. Unfortunately, your neighbours might suffer from the smoke or complain about the odour. That is obviously annoying for all sides.

First, speak to your neighbours about the problem. And subsequently, check your stoking behaviour. Are you stoking at the right times? In windless or misty weather the smoke actually hangs around the house. That is both unhealthy and bothersome. And are you stoking in a correct way? For example, if the air valve is only semi open, not enough air reaches the fire and that causes it to develop more smoke. The type of wood you use can also make a great deal of difference. In short: nuisance can be caused by many factors and it can be prevented.

Do you stoke responsibly, using the correct materials? You can also make agreements about certain hours, for example, that you don’t use your fireplace. In any case, always try to come up with a mutually agreed solution.

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