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Close to the fire


Home Inspiration Close to the fire: 6 home trends

Many people want a fireplace in their home, but is it really something for everyone? “Definitely,” says interior designer Judith de Greef of Hemels Wonen and fireplace specialist Lincy van de Wouw-Vennix of Graveka. “You can place a fireplace in nearly any home, but you need to know what is possible,” says Judith. There are many more possibilities than you would initially think. That is why today we will share with you the 6 most important trends in fireplaces.

More fire in the kitchen

“People primarily want a fireplace because it is cosy, but we always first ask them: ‘How are you going to use the fireplace?” says Judith, who has noticed an increased overlap in the functions of rooms in our homes. “We spend more and more time in the kitchen; cooking elaborately, lingering at the dinner table or enjoying a drink at the bar of the kitchen island. Consequently, we increasingly see spacious, open kitchens with a smaller living room, especially in new houses. Why then, do so many people still place the fireplace in the living room?” Lincy adds: “A fireplace in the extension of the kitchen can actually be really beautiful.”

Warmth in the bedroom

The functions of the rooms in our homes are changing. “Whereas a few years ago, we never even thought of a fireplace in the bedroom, nowadays we see this more and more often,” says Lincy. Judith: “It’s an eye-catcher that adds warmth, cosiness and atmosphere to the bedroom. It immediately becomes a place to curl up in and absolutely relax.”

Big, bigger, the biggest

Lincy: “We are also noticing that people often want big, wide or long fireplaces. These are the type of fireplaces you would traditionally see in saunas, hotels and restaurants—places where people feel relaxed. People want to create this laid-back atmosphere in their homes.”

Can it be a little bit more?

According to Judith, the fireplace fits well in the changing home-decoration trends. “The industrial period is coming to an end and decorative touches are returning, the design can be richer and more chic. We see a lot of use of walnut and beautiful fabrics in interior design, and what goes better with that than a cosy fireplace?” The white plastered mantel is also getting a new look. “As long as the decorative part does not get overheated, everything is possible, such as steel, leather, wallpaper, cork, natural stone and even wood. A specialist can advise you about the possibilities.”

Goodbye radiator, hello fireplace

Radiators are disappearing from new homes. Lincy: “Floor heating is not sufficient to create a pleasant temperature in the house because it is a source of heat with a naturally low temperature. A fireplace is the perfect addition if you want to have the option of quickly heating up the house to a pleasant temperature.”

Watching the fire together

The television is also gradually disappearing. Judith: “Recently, we delivered our first project without a television in the living room. After all, everyone has a private screen in the palm of their hands and families prefer to gather around the fireplace.”

Three tips for a fireplace at home

If you want a fireplace in your home, take the following tips into account:

  • Don’t place the fireplace too high so you won’t be looking at the bottom of the glass. This is especially crucial if you are going to use the fireplace as a room divider.
  • When sketching the design of the fireplace in the room, make sure that you are mostly sitting facing the fireplace. Sitting with your back to the fireplace does not create the visually desired effect and for many people this also feels too hot.
  • Don’t occupy yourself too much with the latest trends; follow your own intuition. The purpose is for you to be happy with your new fireplace in the long run.

Are you curious to find out how a fireplace fits in with the interior design of your home? Contact us for advice.

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