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Warranty Terms

To make a claim under the warranty, it is important to register the Barbas Bellfires appliance after purchase.

Barbas Bellfires Warranty Terms

Barbas Bellfires B.V. guarantees the quality of the supplied Barbas/Bellfires appliance and the quality of the materials used. All Barbas and Bellfires appliances are developed and manufactured according to the highest possible quality standards. If, despite all this, something should prove amiss with the Barbas/Bellfires appliance you have purchased, Barbas Bellfires B.V. offers the following manufacturer’s warranty.

Article 1: Warranty

  1. If Barbas Bellfires B.V. determines that the Barbas/Bellfires appliance you have purchased is defective as a result of a flaw in the construction or material, Barbas Bellfires B.V. guarantees to repair or replace the appliance free of charge, without charging any costs for labor or spare parts.
  2. Repair or replacement of the Barbas/Bellfires appliance will be undertaken by Barbas Bellfires B.V. or by a Barbas Bellfires dealer as designated by Barbas Bellfires B.V.
  3. This warranty is supplementary to the existing legal national warranty of Barbas Bellfires dealers and Barbas Bellfires B.V. in the country of purchase and is not intended to restrict your rights and claims based on the applicable legal provisions.

Article 2: Warranty conditions

  1. Should you wish to claim under the warranty, please contact your Barbas Bellfires dealer.
  2. Complaints should be reported as quickly as possible after they have manifested themselves.
  3. Complaints will only be accepted if they are reported to the Barbas Bellfires dealer, together with the serial number of the Barbas/Bellfires appliance which is stated on the front of the manual.
  4. In addition, the original receipt (invoice, receipt, cash receipt) showing the date of purchase must also be submitted.
  5. Repairs and replacements during the warranty period do not give any entitlement to an extension of the warranty period. After a repair or replacement of warranty parts, the warranty period shall be deemed to have started on the date of purchasing the Barbas/Bellfires appliance.
  6. If a certain part is eligible for the warranty and the original part is no longer available, Barbas Bellfires B.V. shall ensure that an alternative part of at least the same quality shall be provided.

Article 3: Warranty exclusions

  1. The warranty on the Barbas/Bellfires appliance ceases to be in effect if:
  2. it is not installed according to the supplied installation instructions, and to national and/or local regulations;
  3. it has been installed, connected or repaired by a non-Barbas Bellfires dealer;
  4. it has not be used or maintained according to the instructions for use;
  5. it has been changed, neglected or roughly treated;
  6. it has been damaged as a result of external causes (outside the appliance itself), for example, lightning strike, water damage or fire;
  7. In addition, the warranty lapses if the original purchase receipt shows any change, deletion, removal or if it is illegible.

Article 4: Warranty area

  1. The warranty is only valid in those countries where Barbas and Bellfires appliances are sold through an official dealer network.

Article 5: Warranty period

  1. This warranty will only be granted during the warranty period.
  2. The body of the Barbas/Bellfires appliance is guaranteed for a period of 10 years against construction and/or material faults, starting from the moment of purchase.
  3. For other parts of the Barbas/Bellfires appliance, a similar warranty applies from the moment of purchase for a period of two years.
  4. For user parts such as glass, glass sealing cord and the interior of the combustion chamber, a similar guarantee is given until after the first burning.

Article 6: Liability

  1. A claim granted by Barbas Bellfires B.V. under this warranty does not automatically imply that Barbas Bellfires B.V. also accepts liability for any possible damage. The liability of Barbas Bellfires B.V. never extends further than that stated in these warranty conditions. Any liability of Barbas Bellfires B.V. for consequential damage is expressly excluded.
  2. That stated in this provision is not valid if and to the extent that is derives from a mandatory provision.
  3. All agreements entered into by Barbas Bellfires B.V. are, unless specifically stated otherwise in writing and to the extent that they are permitted based on applicable law, subject to the FME-CWM general sales and delivery conditions for the technology industry.

Carefully retain the user manual; it shows the serial number of the appliance. You will need this if you wish to claim under the warranty.