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What kind of material is used for wood-burning fireplaces?

Wood fireplaces

Home Inspiration What kind of material is used for wood-burning fireplaces?
Exterior of a wood-burning fireplace

The exterior side of our fireplaces is made from thick-walled steel and/or soapstone. That ensures a good transfer of heat and a durable and long-lasting use of the fireplace. And it looks just so cool. In the factory, the exterior side of our fireplace is treated with a heat-resistant varnish layer. To achieve this, we use a spray booth, which we have developed ourselves, where the varnish is applied under controlled conditions.

Interior of a wood-burning fireplace

And the interior. Made from concrete ceramic. It looks beautiful, but it is especially suitable due to its long lifespan. Concrete ceramic lasts longer than vermiculite, for example, which is used in many other types of fireplaces. Our interior sheeting, which is what the interior side of a fireplace is called, consists of reinforced concrete mix. Ceramic ensures slower degassing, so combustion occurs steadily and evenly. The result: high output and low emission, so you enjoy the most from a glittering and ambient wood fire. The combustion chamber in every Barbas fireplace is made from thick-walled, heat-resistant steel.

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