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Dealer portal adjustments

Home Dealer portal adjustments

Search functions:

Filter function for spare parts
You can order spare parts via: Order –> Order parts. We have now added an extra filter function for ordering spare parts. This allows you to filter quickly according to model, product description and product number.

Finding invoices
You can find your invoices in two places in the dealer portal:
– Info –> Invoices
– Dashboard –> Financial

The search function for invoices works partly according to your reference name and/or the invoice number.

You can manage your opening hours and login codes in the MANAGE tab sheet . Subsequently click on ‘Settings’ or ‘Showroom’ to adjust this.

Via ‘Settings’, you can change your password to the dealer portal for a password of your choice.

When you go to ‘Showroom’ you can manage your opening hours (as shown on our website) by amending the relevant fields and saving the changes by pressing the button ‘Save’. You can also indicate your holiday closing period so that during your holiday, we will not dispatch a shipment to your doorstep. If you have a comment regarding your opening hours or if you want to forward a comment about your address, that can be done very simply via the ‘Note’ field.

After clicking on the button ‘Save’, these holiday closing times and comments are forwarded by e-mail to our Customer Service.

Login codes:
Did you know that you may receive several login codes to the dealer portal? This allows you to decide what you want to display via these login codes.

For example for an employee only:

  • The tab sheet with information about delivery times, photos & logos and documentation & pricelists
  • Concentric configurator

Do you want to use this option? Discuss your wishes with your dealer manager.

Convection grids:
Do you want to order grids (for a fireplace with a convection box) right away with your order?

That is possible from now on! Immediately after you order an appliance with a convection box, you are redirected to a selection menu with all our convection materials. You will see these extra components on a separate line in your order.