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Baffle plate

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The baffle plate is an additional safety mechanism to protect the windows in the event of an overpressure situation. This baffle plate is in all BOX gas appliances, all Smart Bell appliances with Premium Fire and in the View and Corner Bell York and Small (after 2017).

The baffle plate must be in the device when a restrictor plate is used. If this baffle plate is not present, this can cause problems and therefore cause a safety problem. The moment that no restriction plate is needed, the baffle plate must be removed. Failure to remove the baffle plate can lead to incomplete combustion with high CO concentrations and / or asphyxiation of the fire. In many cases this also leads to a poor fire image.

A handy rule here is:
No restriction plate = No baffle plate
A restriction plate = A baffle plate

More information can be found in the installation instructions on page 21/22. Read the installation instructions here.

If you have further questions, your dealer manager will be happy to help you further