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Barbas - wood burnersBarbas - wood burners

Keep your fire for life...

Barbas stands for durable and ecologically reliable. Established in  1976 and nowadays the brand for wood-burning fireplaces. All fireplaces are  developed by us and produced in a customer specific way.  

Thorough research into the combustion process has led to an optimal management of the use of woodhigehr efficiencies and lower emissions. 

Besides, the high quality, classy materials such as concrete, steel and ceramic provide for easy-going fireplace pleasure. Our story is therefore; Keep your fire for life...


Barbas summarized:

  • Classy fireplaces, 
  • Durable,
  • Ecologically reliable,
  • Keep your fire for life...

Bellfires - gas firesBellfires gas fires

Keep your fire on demand...

Bellfires stands for atmosphere, ease and comfort. Bellfires has been established in 1928 and currently is the market leader in gas fires. The fireplaces are developed by our own company and produced in a customer specific way.

The focus of our gas fires is on saftey & design. Safety is integrally guaranteed in the development process which has led to various patents. The many finishing possibilities result in the characterizing Bellfires design; classy and tailor-made in detail to your living style. 

Our fireplaces offer the atmosphere of an open fireplace with the ease of a gas fire: you operate the fire easily with your remote control. Together with our extensive assortment of sizes & sytles, this is our story; Keep your fire on demand...

Bellfires summarized:

  • Classy gas fires,
  • Atmoshphere,
  • Comfort,
  • Ease,
  • Keep your fire on demand...

Where to buy?

Behind every product from Barbas Bellfires technique can be found. That is the reason why we explicitly deliver through a network of professional Barbas and Bellfires dealers.

Professionals who know everything about building-in, placing and installing fireplaces and heaters. Who know all about efficiency and the air household, safety and combustion processes, oxygen supply and smoke-gas outlet. They guarantee a targeted and personal advice and for a correct, reliable and safe installation. 

Find a dealer near you. 




Barbas Bellfires

Best fireplace manufacturer of Europe

Barbas Bellfires is a family company where meanwhile the second generation is keeping the fire burning. Barbas Bellfires is the company behind the brands Barbas (wood burners) and Bellfires (gas fires) and has the intention to be the best fireplace manufacturer of Europe.

No serial production

customer specific

Every Barbas and Bellfires fireplace is unique, because it is made customer specifically. We do not have serial production and therefore we do not have fireplaces on stock. Every fireplace is build exactly according to the requirements and wishes of the customer and is therefore a personal masterpiece of the engineer.

Barbas Bellfires 

P.O. BOX 6940 
Kidderminster DY11 9EW 
United Kingdom   


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