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Unica-2 - Bellfires

Modern inset gas fire

These inset gas fires were specially developed for fast and simple modernisation of existing fireplaces. The integrated ambient lighting for an extra glow effect is an innovation.

Unica-2 90

Unica-2 90     

Unica-2 55

Unica-2 55        

Unica-2 75

Unica-2 75    

Unica-2 50

Unica-2 50  



The minimal built-in depth of just 35 cm allows Unica-2 gas fire to fit into almost any situation. If desired, this gas fire can be fitted with a black ceramic back wall, which gives it a more intense look.

Different designs

Bellfires offers in the Unica-2 range a choice of two stylish frames; 4-sided 35 mm frame, or 4-sided 70 mm frame.

4-sided 35 mm frame

4-sided 35 mm frame  

4-sided 70 mm frame

4-sided 70 mm frame


Built-in fan system (optional)

If desired Unica-2 can be fitted with a powerful ventilator in order to accelerate the distribution of convected heat throughout the room. Setting of the ventilator, ambient lighting and naturally flame pattern are all easy to adjust with the remote control supplied.

Bellfires gashaard afstandsbediening


Ambient lightning effect (optional)

A revolutionary feature is the integrated ambient lighting under the burner bed that creates an extra glow effect (optional). Remotely controlled light intensity can be adjusted in accordance with your wishes and gives the fire an extra feature. 

Unica-2 gashaard sfeerverlichting met vlammen.

Unica-2 gashaard sfeerverlichting zonder vlammen.


Different decorations and interiors

Wood trunks / ceramic black mirror

True to nature wood blocks, displayed below in combination with the black mirror wall as interior.

Marmersplit / plain background

Marmersplit, also called white pebble stones, displayed below in combination with the plain background.

Grey pebble stones / steel panels

Grey pebble stones as burner decoration, displayed below in combination with the interior of steel panels.


Black ceramic glass and wood trunks

Flat rear wall, marmersplit

Lamina and grey pebble stones



Polist glass

Interfocos is the 1st fireplace manufacturer to go into production with "green" glass! This glass is called Premium Green Neoceram, also called polished glass.

The most important properties of this magnificent glass quality are:

  • Greater clarity: the colour of the glass has been improved yet again.
  • Better glass quality: even fewer bubbles or impurities, the glass is exceptionally pure.
  • Ecological production process: during the production process no harmful material whatsoever is used any more so that the glass is completely recyclable and does not cause pollution. So it has the label "Green".
  • Premium: the Premium Green Neoceram glass is fully tested for perfect surface quality.



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