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The Cuatro-3 - Barbas

Classy all rounder

Cuatro-3 is the new generation of wood-burning fires produced by Barbas. A range of magnificent wood-burning fires that combine advantages of a built-in fireplace with an easy installation of an insert fireplace. This means that Cuatro-3 is suitable for both situations - completely new fireplaces and also as the replacement of your current fireplace.



Cuatro-3 is simple to install and available with a powerful ventilator (option) that distributes heat around the room even faster. The ventilator is fitted under the fireplace, which offers the possibility to switch the ventilator on and off as desired with the continuously adjustable control.

Depending on the situation, Cuatro-3 can be connected to fresh outside air. If it is installed as an insert fireplace the combustion air can be drawn from your living room 

Concrete ceramics

A new feature is the interior produced from concrete ceramics developed in-house. A sustainable, high quality material that also looks beautiful. Concrete ceramics have excellent heating properties, which contribute to a high output and low emissions. The air bar for the secondary combustion is con-cealed inside the interior.

The  deepened  combustion  floor  of  the  Cuatro-3  ensures  that wood remains neatly positioned inside the combustion chamber. Another great advantage: heating grill with primary air inlet makes it very easy to start and control the fire. In short - with Cuatro-3 you can enjoy a real wood-burning fire quickly, easily and for a long time


Off course the wood burners meet the latest standards in the field of emission and combustion requirements.

Barbas features as a reliable two-point connection in the door, the use of iron materials, completely moulded aeration tubes and a simple operation for all aeration flows have been applied here too.

Optionally the Cuatro-3 can be equipped underneath with a powerful convection ventilator for a quick division of the warmth.

Concrete ceramic

New is the use of the concrete ceramic interior.&nabs.Concrete ceramic has another composition than other interiors, such as vermiculite. The concrete ceramic consists of a mix of concrete with reinforcement. 

This is durable material which also looks nice. The concrete ceramic has been coloured over and over so that the material keeps its colour.

Besides the concrete ceramic has very good stoke technical features, which also provides for a high efficiency and a low emission. The ceramic has a less quick degassing so the combustion is calm and equal.

In that way you can enjoy a marvellous wood fire to the full.

Why concrete ceramic

  • The new wood burners interior 

  • Longer life span

  • Exchangeable with existing vermiculite sets

  • Reinforced concrete

  • Colourfast; coloured again and again

  • Higher mechanic burdening

  • More modern interior

  • Less quick degassing: calm, equal combustion

  • Preservation of stoke technical performances with respect to vermiculite

  • Bigger accumulative functioning

  • Marvellous atmospheric wood fire

concrete ceramic Barbas wood burner




Two-points locking system

All Barbas wood res with hinge doors 
have two-point locking system. This 
means that the doors t completely to 
the body of the re. This makes the re 
easier to use and the window stays 
cleaner. This contributes to efcient 
combustion of the wood. Sustainable 
and durable.

Ceramic seal rope

The ceramic seal rope creates an air-
tight seal for the combustion chamber. 
This ensures perfect control of the air 
circulation in the re. Moreover, the win-
dow stays beautifully clean. The seal is 
easy to replace, and this makes it possi-
ble to seal the door perfectly every time. The door can always be adjusted by means of an adjustable hinge seal.

Air wash, pre heated air

The necessary oxygen due to the com-
bustion, is brought into the replace 
through three channels. Through un-
derneath, for the primary combustion. 
Through the rear, for the secondary 
combustion and through the top for a 
clean window airwash. The balanced 
combustion system provides for effciency of more than 78% and a lower emission with ne particles.





Secondaire verbranding




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