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A work order with a barcode is generated for every order we receive. Every work order stands for unique product in the name of the client. Every single part necessary for one of the 17.000 versions from the assortment of Barbas and Bellfires is mentioned on this work order. 

During the preliminary work all the necessary parts are assembled (bent' and moulded together. This delicate process is carried out by hand by our specialists

This preliminary work is of essential importance for the quality and the life-span of your heater.

Only when all parts are ready, the product can be sprayed.

Paint shop

The fireplace parts are hanged to a transport system and are on their way to the paint shop. Firstly the parts pass through a launderette where they are degreased and washed.

The transport track continues and accompanies the parts to the spray cabin. The spraying happens by hand. Even the most difficult reachable corners are not missed out. 

Thereupon the parts proceed to the oven where the lacquer is baked. In that way the bad smell is avoided when the heater is being stoked for the first time in your living room. On top of this the lacquer is less sensitive for damages.

After 45 minutes the lacquer is hardened and the parts are ready for assembling. 


The fireplace is not assembled automatically, but completely by hand.

This takes a lot of knowledge of the engineers. All possible models are assembled together in order of delivery and entirely according to the wishes of the client.

The sealing cords are attached around the window and the interior sheeting is installed.

After assembly the fireplace is made ready for delivery and will be delivered to the dealer within 24 hours.

The total process of preliminary work up to the assembling lasts only six hours.


Own production Barbas, Bellfires

Own production Barbas, Bellfires


Wood burners

Fire has a rich tradition at Barbas, which goes back to 1976. Today Barbas is the brand for wood-burning fireplaces, completely developed and produced by its own company.


Gas fires

The history of Bellfires goes back to 1928. Today Bellfires is the brand for gas-burning fireplaces. Everything happens in our own company: from research and product development to the production.

Barbas Bellfires 

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