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Durable developing & production

Production method QRM

Your fireplace will only be produced in our factory after we have received the order. In that way you are ensured of the state-of-the-art techniques and the latest products.

This process allows us to deliver quickly because we work with the method Quick Response Manufacturing. The total process of preliminary work up to the assembling lasts only six hours.

With this method the waste of (production) time, energy and material prevented. That is why we produce all fireplaces in our own factory in Bladel.

Minimum impact environment

QRM enables us to create regional employment, so the impact on the environment is limited. Unnecessary transportation kilometers are prevented as well as waste by old stock. Our environment-friendly paint shop is another good example of producing against minimum environment burdening.

Producing in the Benelux in stead of in countries with low labour costs seems more expensive. We have however succeeded to make high quality products against very low competitive prices. This high quality results in a long life-span of the products.

Awareness in the chain

We notice that consumers are becoming more and more aware. More often consumers ask questions about the origin of the product and if the product is constructed in a reliable manner. We can only support this critical attitude towards durable developing and producing.

We are dealing consciously with the production chain, from steel to the installed fireplace. As a result we generate the knowledge and attention necessary to deliver reliable and well-thought out products. We highly value the relationship with the customers, suppliers and environment.

By this way of thinking, developing and producing we give expression to the intention to make beautiful fireplaces for many more years to come. We have summarized this company philosophy in the words Keep the fire burning...


Own production Barbas, BellfiresOwn production Barbas, Bellfires


Wood burners

Durable warmth

Many people are not aware of it but modern wood-burning fireplaces provide for durable warmth. Because wood is a bio-based and thus renewable base material. The market for wood burners and heaters is therefore increasing.

New foam ceramic filter

With this filter the wood-burning heaters burn more efficiently. But there is more..

The ceramic foam filter not only takes care of a better combustion, but also for a lower emission of microscopic dust. Pleasant incidental circumstance: the filter also provides for more degrees of freedom in the design of the fireplaces. The filter has been developed by Barbas.

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