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Customer specific

Customer specific

A fireplace is not an anonymous piece of steel to us, but a personal interior product. Every fireplace is produced customer specifically.

From 120 basic models in more than 17.000 combinations we build your fireplace according to your wishes.

The fireplace goes to the factory in your name and is tested thoroughly at each step in the process. The production is not automatically, but is done by hand. Every fireplace is therefore a personal masterpiece of the engineer.

Despite the fact that we produce customer specifically, we guarantee that your fireplace  will be delivered to your dealer within two weeks

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100% Benelux

We produce all fireplaces in our own factory in Bladel and we do not contract out to countries with low labour costs. As a result we can guarantee a continuous high quality. Also, we create employment and are minimizing the impact on the environment by limiting the transport kilometres.

100% Benelux, something to be proud of.

This has another advantage for you. We can easily switch over to product development so that you always will get the latest technique.

Further you benefit from our professional after service and expert service in maintaining your fireplace.


The company behind..

Barbas Bellfires is the company behind  Barbas and Bellfires.

The fireplaces are completely developed and produced with the accent on quality, workmanship, design and innovation. This all happens in our own factory.




Own production Barbas, Bellfires Own production Barbas, Bellfires


The brands

Barbas, Bellfires

Barbas and Bellfires are already old brands with established reputations. Bellfires has been established in 1928 and Barbas in 1976. Both are equal in style and presentation, but do have their individual values. For example, Barbas (wood burners) stands for: durable and ecological reliable. Bellfires (gas fires) stands for: ease, atmosphere and comfort.

Conciously dealing with the entire production chain

Company philosophy

By consciously dealing with the entire production chain, from steel to the installed fireplace, we generate knowledge and experience which is necessary in order to be able to deliver reliable and well-thought through products. Our intention is to make beautiful fireplaces for many years and therefore we have summarized our company philosophy in the words; Keep the fire burning.

Barbas Bellfires 

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