Various heaters.

Which heater suits you?

Are you a 'wood type' and nothing is more nicer to you than being busy with brittling woodblocks or do you prefer the ease of balanced flue fireplace?

And what kind of model or shape will you choose? Also as far as the style and size there are many possibilities: from stylish classic up to modern industrial, from Extra Small to XXL. The Heater Selector offers a solution.

Wood burner

The ultimate fire experiemce.

  • Authentic wood burning experience
  • Economical in consumption
  • Durable fuel
  • Environment-friendly 
  • High performance

Have a look at the wood stoves


The ultimate ease.

  • Ease of use 
  • Comfort
  • Safe
  • Clean fuel
  • Not much maintenance

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Heaters and the environment

Eric Smit: expert in wood burning stoves

"Many people are not aware of it but the modern wood burning stoves are providing durable warmth". Eric Smit is the expert in the field of combustion technique and the European regulations  of modern wood burners and also Product Development Engineer at Interfocos.

Smit: "A throrough research into the combustion process has led to an optimum maintenance of wood consumption, higher performances and lower emissions of the Barbas wood burners."

Barbas | Bellfires

Barbas (since 1976)

wood burners

Fire has a rich tradition at Barbas, which goes back to 1976. Today Barbas is the trademark for wood burners, fully developed and produced on our own account whereby we consider the environment of paramount importance. The wood burners of Barbas are with respect to performance and emission prepared for the current and the to be expected European emission standards.

Bellfires (since 1928)

gas heaters

The history of Bellfires goes back to 1928. Today Bellfires is the trademark for fireplaces burning on gas with the focus on design and safety. Everything happens in-house: from research and product development up to and including the production whereby one is investing in ecological and durable solutions. Hereby one is strictly taking into account the latest and even the future European emission standards.

Barbas Bellfires 

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