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Large European Study into Wood stoking

Interfocos is a participating partner

Interfocos, the manufacturer of Barbas and Bellfires fireplaces, is a participating partner in the "BeReal" research project, partly financed by the European Union. This study is being carried out across the EU and is about the use of biomass-stoked heating appliances, such as wood-burning fireplaces and heaters.


Goal: develop more sustainable and environmentally conscious wood-burning fireplaces

The goal of this study is to map the stoking behaviour of users of wood-burning fireplaces or heaters. On the basis of this, more advanced test methods can be developed which relate better with the way in which fireplaces are used. This will enable more sustainable and environmentally conscious wood-burning fireplaces and heaters to be developed. We as a manufacturer are keen to make our contribution to this goal.



We would kindly ask you to spare 10 minutes of your time to participate in this study. 


Click here to start the study.


Thank you for participating, also on behalf of the European research project BeReal.


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