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The feeling of a campfire in your living room

People have been warming themselves for ages by a campfire. And for just as long, we have been gazing at the flames and dreaming away at a crackling fire. Everyone has experienced the magic of fire. Therefore, without doubt, a wood-burning fireplace will become the favourite asset in your house. Spend long winter evenings by the fireplace. Have romantic movie evenings in a pleasantly warm atmosphere. And if that’s not enough, a wood-burning fireplace is also very economical and convenient. Wood is relatively cheap, available in practically every DIY store and you can also order online (and have it delivered to your home).

Dancing flames
The heat from a wood-burning stove is intensive. Fierce when the flames braze, cooler when the fire smothers. But the nicest effect is the dancing flames. Fire that rises on all sides. And that is precisely when you get the most from your fire. The feeling of a campfire, right in your own living room.

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