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What has changed in the new line of brochures?

  • The chapters are now arranged according to the customer’s initial choices when choosing a fire. We start with the front fireplaces, followed by two-sided fireplaces, three-sided fireplaces, room dividers and finally the tunnel fireplaces.
  • BOX gas and BOX wood no longer appear in the Barbas and Bellfires brochures, but have their own brochures. This is because the consumer has already made a choice of insert/built-in or a freestanding model.
  • We have placed more emphasis on the customer’s choices that apply to a certain series:

Bellfires series: 1 Original Bell, 2 Smart Bell and 3 Unica. Please note: Derby, York, Topsham, Classic Bell, Horizon Bell and Vertical Bell are all part of the Original Bell series. Therefore, this has become an all-encompassing series name!

Barbas series: 1 Falcon, 2 Universal and 3 Unilux.

  • Due to the expansion of our product range, we no longer include photos of all the fireplaces in the brochure.
  • We have introduced icons for model type, burners, interior types and frames.
  • For example, if the icon for a front fireplace appears in bold, then you know that you will have to go to a specific chapter for these types of fireplaces.
  • Dimensional drawings and overview of visual dimensions are found at the end of the chapter of each model.
  • In the drawings of the sizes, we have shown all models that have standard frames.
  • There is one page with visual dimensions added in Smart Bell.

Our dealer managers would like to come and explain the new line of brochures. You can also turn to them for any questions and comments. You can order additional copies via our Back Office (

We understand that it will take time to get used to the new layout of the brochures, but we are convinced that as a dealer, you will also benefit from the new customer focused layout and that it will make decision making easier for your customers.