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Let our new website amaze you

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Our brand-new website has been launched and we have started sharing stories, inspirational items and many tips for fireplace lovers and owners.

The website is filled with inspiration and answers to burning questions of consumers. There will be answers to questions that you might not have come across before, so the website is perfect as a reference or a source of inspiration.

A website brimming with inspiration

No one knows more about fireplaces than us. The time has arrived to actively share our knowledge and experience in a way that fits with the modern times in which everything is about experience. www.barbasbellfires.com is the address for everything the consumers want and need to know about the use, production and maintenance of fireplaces and stoves. The questions and answers don’t focus solely on our brand. We keep it as general as possible and look beyond our own products: we discuss the gas debate in the Netherlands in further detail, tell consumers how they can use wood-burning fireplaces in an environmental-friendly way, provide maintenance tips, and a renowned interior designer shares how a fireplace stands out best in a given space. Our new website is definitely also a source of inspiration for you as a dealer.